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Ryder Cup 2018: Tiger Woods puts Tiger Woods on his "Mount Rushmore of golf," as he should

September 25, 2018

Tiger Woods has always been confident in his abilities. You have to be in order to reach the heights he has in the game. But even he'd admit that that confidence may have been waning before his latest comeback. There was the off-course incidents, the 85 at Memorial, the three water-logged chips at Quicken Loans media day in 2016 that prompted a third-person "c'mon, Tiger," the chip yips, the injuries, and on and on.

But, as a controversial Nike ad stated following his 2013 win at Bay Hill, "Winning Takes Care Of Everything." That seems to be the case following his 80th career win at East Lake over the weekend, because Woods' confidence is currently running at an all-time high. First, he took a subtle shot at his fellow competitors who joked that they wanted a piece of him by saying "All right. Here you go," with a wry smile during his Tuesday press conference at the Ryder Cup. Moments later, the PGA of America just so happened to tweet out this video of Woods rattling off his "Mount Rushmore of golf," and yes, he put himself on it. As he should have.

COCKY! Well, not really cocky when literally everyone is in agreement that you're on the Mount Rushmore of golf. The rest of his list, however, could spark some hot takes. Nicklaus is a lock, and you could make an argument for both Snead and Jones, but no Ben Hogan?! Arnold Palmer?! Different debate for a different day.

P.S. -- Do NOT show this to Gary Player.