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Ryan Reaves, Blues assistant coach Steve Ott put on an absolute masterclass in NHL chirping

I've never seen any of those "Masterclass" videos, but I get the gist. The elite of the elite of their professions explaining why they are so elite. Simple enough.

The sports section of "Masterclass" includes Steph Curry teaching shooting (good guy to teach shooting), Wayne Gretzky teaching the "athlete's mindset," Phil Ivey teaching poker strategy, and more. If we could make a suggestion, there should be a "Masterclass" in NHL chirping, and it should be led by New York Rangers enforcer Ryan Reaves.

On Wednesday night, Reaves and his former St. Louis Blues teammate Steve Ott, now an assistant coach in STL, put on a dual masterclass in chirping for the ages. During the pre-game skate at Madison Square Garden, microphones captured the entire back-and-forth and it's A++++:

If you'll notice, Ott can barely keep a straight face the whole time. These two crossed paths in St. Louis from 2014 to 2016, and it's obvious they are still buddies and just messing with each other here. But that's what makes it so good. They're just two friends chirping for the love of the chirp game. It's a really beautiful thing. 

If those Reaves chirps left you wanting more, there are endless "NHL chirp" compilations on YouTube, and Reaves appears in many of them. My personal favorite, still, is when he just screams at that POS Tom Wilson "WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO? YOU ?!?!?" during the Stanley effing Cup:

The best.