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Russell Westbrook and Nick Collison's "White Men Can't Jump" costume is the best Halloween costume ever

Last Wednesday, I revealed my utter disdain for Halloween, triggered by these two grown men dressing like it was 1908 at the Cubs game, face paint and all. Adults dressing up on Halloween will never not creep me out.

HOWEVA, exceptions can be made, especially when it comes to this "White Men Can't Jump" costume from Oklahoma City Thunder teammates Russell Westbrook and Nick Collison, which is already the best Halloween costume of the year, and maybe of all time.

Nothing but respect for this attention to detail, they even got the girlfriends down to a T. Also helps when you're even more ripped then Wesley Snipes was in that movie.

Not sure if Collison and Russ have any acting background, but these pictures have sequel written all over them. Someone in Hollywood is dumb enough to do it, and most of us would be dumb enough to go see it.