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Two Cubs fans celebrate Halloween early, creepily dress like it's 1908

For my money, there isn't a better month on the calendar than October. It's got everything. Crisp fall air, beautiful foliage, football, playoff baseball and of course, absolutely ridiculous beverages. Notice the one thing I didn't mention? It's Halloween, because Halloween sucks. I realize I'm in the minority here, but deep down we all know it ranks at least fifth in the holiday power rankings.

Speaking of Halloween and playoff baseball, the Chicago Cubs and Washington Nationals are playing in a pivotal game four on Wednesday at Wrigley Field. What's Halloween got to do with it? Well, two Cubs fans, adults mind you, decided they would celebrate Halloween 20 days early and creepily dress up in Cubs uniforms straight outta 1908:

It just does not get any creepier than this. These are grown men! Dressing up, with face paint and everything. Nightmare fuel.

Oh, and the Cubs are going to lose. Now you have to walk out of the stadium and travel back home looking like this. Hope it was worth it.