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Rory McIlroy sneaks in perfectly-timed shot at Greg Norman following RBC Canadian Open win

Throughout this whole LIV Golf ordeal, Rory McIlroy has not been afraid to takes shots at the Saudi-backed series and any players who have chosen to play on it, even if it leads to him ending up as a joke on the "Freezing Cold Takes" Twitter account. If you recall, McIlroy called the series "dead in the water" back in February, which it appeared to be at the time considering Dustin Johnson, among others, had seemingly backed out at the last minute. Turns out, it's very much not dead in the water, the first event having been completed on Saturday in London.

But, McIlroy will happily keep taking swings, none more perfectly timed and brilliantly delivered than the punch he got in on Sunday at St. George's in Canada, where he successfully defended his RBC Canadian Open title with a final-round 62.

The win was McIlroy's 21st on the PGA Tour, tying him for 31st on the all-time wins list. Of much more importance to McIlroy, though, was the fact it put him one win ahead of a certain Australian legend who may or may not be behind the LIV Golf series. Listen closely to McIlroy's post-round interview with Amanda Balionis:

In case you couldn't quite put two and two together (no offense if so), that "someone else" McIlroy is referring to is Greg Norman, who finished his career with 20 victories on the PGA Tour. Shots. Freaking. Fired. 

Making it even sweeter is the fact that McIlroy's 21 victories have come in a shorter timeframe, too, albeit a slightly shorter one. His 21 wins have all come in the last 12 years, while it took Norman 13 to get all 20 of his. McIlroy has many more to come, of course, but outside of a major they won't get much sweeter and in-your-face-ier than this one. 

Oh yeah, that's the good stuff.