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Ronald Acuna Jr.'s bat flips are ready for October

August 05, 2019
Cincinnati Reds v Atlanta Braves

Scott Cunningham

It's only August. Across the MLB, the postseason push is in full swing, but still, it's only August. Don't tell that to Braves phenom Ronald Acuna Jr., however, who just had a Mr. October-worthy weekend in the dead of the dog days. On Friday, he killed a satellite with a 463-foot moonshot, on Saturday walked it off in the bottom of the 10th and on the Sabbath, he rested...just kidding, he tied the game with a two-run homer and playoff-ready bat flip for the bat flip ages. Ladies and gentleman, please make sure your tray tables are closed and you seat is in the full upright position.

Seriously, we're getting misty eyed just watching this. It's good to see baseball's youth picking up the baton where Joey Bats left it (still in orbit, presumably.)

Speaking of October, the Braves did end up losing to the Reds in extras, but are still cruising toward a second consecutive NL East championship and an express ticket to the NLDS. The Braves, thanks in large part to Acuna Jr. and the midseason acquisition of Dallas Keuchel, lead the hot-shit Phillies by a cozy seven games with 49 left to play. In other words, despite being 100% Team Let the Kids Play, someone might to tell Ronnie to save some of the good stuff for fall, when the showboating really matter.