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A guy by the name of Robin Tiger Williams (yes really) just fired a 67 on the DP World Tour

What’s in a name? Well, a hell of a lot if you were watching the leaderboard at the SDC Championship on Friday. That's where a fella by the name of Robin Williams tore through the field like Rickie Bobby at Talladega, firing five birdies and an eagle enroute to a five-under 67. Obviously with a name like that your bound to raise an eyebrow or two, but just wait until you see Williams’ middle moniker ...

Robin. Tiger. Williams. Forget a raised eyebrow. This kid just dropped the golf world’s jaw. It's not the first time we've noted the 22-year-old's noteworthy name, but after his round Williams was asked about its origins yet again, and he delivered the backstory for those just tuning in.

Apparently Williams’ dad wanted to name him after his favorite cricket player but when his mom shot that down, he went with “Tiger” instead in tribute to Tiger Woods. Classic dads. Best of all, Robin Tiger Williams got to meet Eldrick Tiger Woods at the 2018 Junior Ryder Cup, and Woods' response to Williams' middle name was one of genuine surprise and honor.

Honestly, you would think Woods would bump into more kids named “Tiger” these days, but we guess the moms of the world are doing their part to keep things in check. As much as we love this story and hope Robin Tiger Williams goes on to do great things, that’s probably for the best.