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Rob Gronkowski purchased a share in a race horse named "Gronkowski," plans to party at Kentucky Derby because GRONK

Rob Gronkowski is great at football, but he might be even better at growing his brand outside of football. Gronk has two Super Bowls rings and five All-Pros to his name, but his other ventures include party cruises (not so successful), apparel (a lot of apparel), music video appearances and fitness products.

What's the next step in expanding the Gronk brand? Buying a share of the horse, Gronkowski, which is slated to run in the Kentucky Derby in a couple of weeks. The 28-year-old New England Patriots tight end announced his partnership yesterday on his own website, (how Gronk is that?).

“This horse is a winner and I love a winner,” Gronk told his own website. “When I heard about the racehorse being named after me, I started watching and got really stoked when he started winning. He’s won his last three races and is now headed to the Derby. I’m all in: Welcome to the Gronk Family, Gronkowski the Horse!"

The post mentions that Gronkowski (the person) plans to attend the Kentucky Derby to watch Gronkowski (the horse) compete. Watch out, Kentucky Derby—Gronk is bringing the party to Churchill Downs. We have a feeling this could get rowdy.