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Horse named Gronkowski will race in Kentucky Derby, could end up partying in the infield instead

With the upcoming conclusion of the NCAA Tournament on Monday night, plus the Masters starting this week, it's hard to think of a better time to be a sports fan. Add in the start of baseball season and the NBA and NHL playoffs later this month and it's fair to say not even football can compare with this time of year.

And all of that is before we even mentioned "The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports", the Kentucky Derby, which truly can be the most exciting sports event of the year depending how much money you win off of it. This year's Run for the Roses just got infinitely more LIT thanks to one to the qualification of one of its latest contestant's, a horse named Gronkowski. Hit the music:

No odds yet on Gronk, but if you do bet on this horse, chances are it ends up partying in the infield instead of racing. All I'm saying is just be smart with your money.

Jokes aside, much like Rob Gronkowski himself, Gronkowski the horse sounds like quite the thoroughbred, finishing first in its last four races according to, including a victory in the Burradon Stakes in England on Friday. And according to Gronkowski's trainer Jeremy Noseda, the horse is just getting started.

"It sounds strange, but I haven't yet seen on the racetrack what I believe this horse is capable of. I'm sure there's more to come," he said.

We wish this horse the best in May, because the world needs more sports stars named Gronkowski.