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Watching all these incredible angles of RJ Barrett's game-winner is a great way to spend two minutes of your Friday

Part of the old head in me absolutely loathes my generation's, and the generation below mine's, love affair with filming everything at a sporting event or a concert, as opposed to simply watching the live action with your own two eyes. One thing that cannot be denied, though, is that constantly hitting the record button often leads to some A+ content.

That's exactly what we have here in this compilation of fan videos of New York Knicks guard RJ Barrett's game-winner against the Boston Celtics at Madison Square Garden on Thursday night. We've got behind the basket angles, courtside angles, nosebleed angles, you name it. It's a fantastic way to spend two minutes of your Friday, unless you're a Celtics fan:

Oh yeah, that's the good stuff. Really makes you appreciate how good it is to have fans back. Remember sports without them? Holy sh-t, that sucked so hard. 

A couple more below, including my personal favorite at the 51-second mark, which came from what I'm assuming is literally the very top row at Madison Square Garden, a ticket this fan likely purchased for the low low price of $150:

Say what you want about Knicks fans, but they know how to hype up a damn buzzer beater. We were starved for one, particularly one at home. The last time that happened, dinosaurs were roaming the earth:

You're probably thinking, "how is that possible? There are so many buzzer beaters at MSG." Yes, there are, from teams that aren't the Knicks. The most famous MSG buzzer beaters since David Lee's have come from guys like Paul Pierce, Kemba Walker (at UCONN), Giannis Antetokounmpo, etc. It's all been either pain for Knicks fans or some random college kid in a Sweet 16 game. Finally, we got one from our guy. It feels refreshing.