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Schefty Down

It appears that Adam Schefter did, indeed, tear his meniscus doing 'the Griddy' dance

When it comes to reporting on all things NFL, Adam Schefter is among the best in the business. When it comes to dancing... not so much. Hardly a shocking development, we know.

Three weeks ago, in a video that cannot be unseen, Schefter's dancing abilities, or lack thereof, were on full display during the Monday Night Football pre-game show. On this particular night, the Minnesota Vikings were in Chicago to take on the NFC North division rival Bears, and star Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson made an appearance on the pre-game show wearing a Randy Moss pro bowl jersey. Jefferson, who has made the "Griddy" dance famous by doing it after each touchdown he scores, attempted to teach Schefter and co. how do said dance and the results were more cringeworthy than watching your dad hit the dance floor in hour three of a wedding reception after a few too many:

Apologies to anyone who was able to scrub this from memory and is now seeing it again. Sorry, had to get everyone up to speed. 

On Wednesday evening, one of Schefter's ESPN colleagues Marcus Spears tweeted out that Schefter had torn his meniscus, possibly while "hitting the Griddy" as the kids say. At first, it seemed like satire, but then Schefter gaved it his official Schefty stamp of approval:

Schefter did also confirm on ESPN that he is completely certain that it was from the dance, but it makes for such an absurd story that we all need to just go with it. Adam Schefter tore his mother-effing mensicus hitting the Griddy. What planet are we on?

Not that anyone needed extra proof, but it would appear as though those of us in the journalism industry aren't exactly "athletes." That said, it makes Schefty's performance over the last few days (covering the AB nonsense, COVID cases, assorted transactional stuff, etc.) all the more impressive. True flu game stuff that thankfully can be done while sitting in a chair and resting that knee.