Rickie Fowler debuts X Collection hats to celebrate 10 colorful years wearing Puma

September 16, 2019

Ten years ago, Rickie Fowler’s flashy orange flat brim hats and brighter-than-bright outfits seemed somewhat anti-establishment for golf, as he signed a partnership with Puma to toe the edge of acceptable. There was some more traditional attire mixed in through the years, but mostly from Day 1, each side pushed the boundaries—from high-top golf shoes to untucked shirts and jogger pants and other fashion items in between, Fowler has made an impact on the golf fashion scene.

To celebrate the 10-year anniversary, Puma released two limited-edition hats that are uniquely Fowler-inspired. Each is black with gold details, a sophisticated pairing that Fowler will surely rock on and off the course.

20190916 Rickie Fowler X Cap.jpg

Any longtime Fowler fan will remember the Monoline hat from early in his career. The gold-outlined Puma cat and a gold-lined bill will inspire images of a shaggy-headed, mustache-clad Fowler dressed head-to-toe in loose fitting orange garb. Rickie has grown up before our eyes.


Justin Kosman

For those who became fans after Fowler found a more refined on-course style, the Limited Edition X P Cap is ultra-cool. The clean design has become Fowler's go-to headwear during tournaments, adding a touch of color and personality to any outfit.


Justin Kosman

Puma released the entire X Collection earlier this year to "celebrate his unique ability to bring the X-factor, while highlighting the maturation and elevation of his style over the past decade." Fowler wore pieces from the line at the Open Championship. The collection blends old-school design elements like houndstooth patterns and chest pockets with stylish modern colorways and performance-ready technology.
Shop the X Collection, here.

Rickie Fowler.jpg

We'll look forward to seeing Rickie wear these releases on the course soon.

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