Masters 2018: Rickie Fowler was the best-dressed guy at Augusta

April 09, 2018

Rickie Fowler's performance at Augusta wowed the masses—and rightfully so. But perhaps overlooked is how stylish Rickie was during all four rounds of the Masters.

Rickie showed us how to expertly wear a full range of outfits that included everything from patterns to pastels to loud hues. The one common theme you saw in his Masters ensembles was his fit was perfect, far more so these days than ever. Let's take a look at them, one by one.


Andrew Redington

A highly patterned polo can be tricky, but not if you pair it with the right pieces. Rickie wore the Puma Road Map polo ($65), which features a tightly-striped pattern that blends into solid white with gray slacks, white shoes and a gray cap. By keeping the rest of his outfit simple, Rickie let that pop of pattern on his polo really shine. And his cap, which has a green letter "P" ($28), worked perfectly with the green stripes in his polo. Also, notice that his sleeves end about halfway down his upper arm. That's what perfect fit looks like.


Jamie Squire

When is comes to pastel, let the "less is more" concept be your guide. Rickie went for the Puma EvoKnit Block polo ($75) in a powder-blue hue. If he'd paired this polo with pastel-colored trousers, he would've looked ready to hunt for Easter eggs. Instead, he coupled the polo with white pants, white shoes and a white hat, which equalized his entire look. The white belt here would've looked sharper if it was as white as his trousers, but hey ... we can't always be perfect.


Jamie Squire

Another way to smartly wear a pastel is to match it with the stronger version of the color. That's exactly what Rickie did here, when he paired a pair of pastel-blue trousers with a navy blue quarter-zip. As mentioned above, the biggest mistake you want to avoid is wearing more than one type of pastel. You'll always look back on photos of that outfit and ask, "why?"


David Cannon

It has been fun to watch the transformation of Rickie's Sunday looks. Though orange has always (and likely will always) dominate his fourth-day attire, he's impressively moved away from baggy, gaudy looks into sophisticated, grown-up ensembles. Sunday at the Masters was perhaps his best example. Rickie wore a pair of bright-orange trousers that could not have fit any better. Notice how the bottom of his pants just lightly kisses the top of his shoes? That's what ideal length looks like. And by pairing these loud pants with an all-white quarter-zip, a pair of white shoes that had just a pop of orange, and an orange hat, Rickie was able to show off his love of all-things Oklahoma State University while looking classy and mature.

Rickie put on a perfect display of sportsmanship by waiting to congratulate Patrick Reed just off the 18th green, and he clearly won the style game at Augusta. Well done, Rickie.

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