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Mixing up Byron Leftwich and Todd Bowles was an egregious error by this reporter

February 08, 2021

Understandably, Tom Brady and Bruce Arians are getting the lion's share of the credit for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Super Bowl victory. But both Arians and Brady would tell you that it's offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich who deserves far more credit than either of them. 

Leftwich's playcalling abilities might not get him a head coaching job this offseason, but he's a borderline lock to be a head man somewhere in 2022. One reporter who was in Leftwich's postgame Zoom press conference might disagree, however. Not because he doesn't think he's fit for a head coaching job, but because he might not have any idea who Leftwich is. Check out this clip, in which said reporter asks Leftwich about his incredible defensive gameplan that stopped Patrick Mahomes the Chiefs. Wait, what?

Oh no. It would appear as though this reporter thought Leftwich was Todd Bowles, the Buccaneers' defensive coordinator who also happens to be black. Sure, both Bowles and Leftwich put together incredible gameplans, but this is an egregious mixup that just cannot happen if you're asking a question in a damn SUPER BOWL press conference. These two don't even look a little bit alike: 


Never mind the looks part. How about covering the Super Bowl and just straight up not knowing who Leftwich is? This man is a college football legend: 

Just a brutal look for this reporter, though, luckily for him, it happened over Zoom and no one saw who it actually was. Credit to Leftwich for taking it in stride. No one would have blamed him if he put this dude in his place.