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Rejoice, the 2019 Minnesota High School All-Hockey Hair Team is upon us

March 11, 2019

Come all ye faithful. Young and old, rich and poor. Gather round and bear witness, for it is the holiest of holy weeks, a time for open doors and good tidings, friendship and billowing flow. A time when the bountiful salad of the gods overfloweth from every bowl. Humble hockey pilgrims near and far, it is time for the revealing of the 2019 Minnesota High School All Hockey-Hair Team, so give thanks and rejoice for this momentous occasion comes but once a year.

Behold, the Chosen Ones...

Coach: Coach Camelocks

10.) The Malted Milk Ball

9.) Michaelangeflow

8.) The Titanic

7.) Thunder & Lightning

6.) The Diamond in the Fluff

5.) The Lion's Mane From Coleraine

4.) The Inboard Motor

3.) The Flow Forest From North Branch

2.) The Delano Dually

1.) Buzz Your Girlfriend Woof

Check out the full video below for even more flow. Keep doing the lord's work, boys.