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Miami Miracle

This third-string, scramble-rooski Hail Mary for the win is what NFL preseason is all about

August 30, 2021

No one likes preseason. Not the fans, not the fantasy drafters, and certainly not the players. Just this weekend, the Ravens lost one of the most promising young running backs in the league to a torn ACL while everyone else started bubble guys and charged Tom Brady prices for it. If that sounds like a broken system to you, that’s because it is. But every now and then, we get a reminder of what August NFL is all about, and on Sunday Miami Dolphins third-string quarterback/legend Reid Sinnett delivered exactly that, rolling out, breaking containment, and chucking up an absolute prayer of a Hail Mary that the big man upstairs saw fit to answer. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you PRESEASON!

Ryan Fitzpatrick has taken his traveling magic show to Washington. The “Miami Miracle” will be three years old this December. But clearly there’s still some pixie dust floating around the Dolphins locker room, because week after week, season after season, this stuff just seems to keep happening. It’s one thing when it’s Fitzmagic casting spells, however. It’s another thing entirely when it’s some guy named Reid.

The play—which went down on 4th & 15 with 1:32 remaining—sealed the Dolphins’ 29-26 comeback win and also Sinnett’s spot on the roster come next weekend. As for the future of the guy two rungs up Miami’s quarterback ladder, however, well, let’s just say those are considerably murkier. But don’t worry, Tua. There’s nothing in life a Hail Mary can’t fix.