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Golfer poses all-time AITA to Reddit, gets almost unanimous response

December 08, 2023

If you’re not familiar with the acronym AITA, it stands for “Am I the asshole?” It generally denotes a genre of content on Reddit when a person becomes so confused about a sticky situation they are forced to ask strangers on the Internet if they are the ones in the wrong. In the overwhelming majority of cases you will find the person worried about being the asshole is, in fact, not the asshole.

Take this poor golfer for example. This week they turned to the Reddit Golf community for help. While playing solo recently, this golfer caught up to the pair in front of him. With daylight dwindling, they invited him to join them for the next hole. As the golfer was preparing to tee off, however, one of their newfound playing partners accidentally decapitated their driver with a practice swing. That’s where the trouble begins.

If you’re one of those “I ain’t reading all that, I’m happy for you tho or sorry that it happened” types, allow us to paraphrase. The golfer who wrecked the driver quickly asked how they could make it right. The driver was from a Craigslist set that cost around $400 so the poster asked for $100. They agreed on the price and the golfer at fault Venmo’d the money straight away. Wham, bam, thank you, man.

But a few days later the newly driverless golfer started getting texts from the random who wrecked his club, sending themlinks of the driver online for $70 and asking for $30 back. That’s when this poor soul turned to Reddit for help. "AITA for not sending this stranger $30 after we settled on a price and went our separate ways?" they essentially asked.

The answer, defying everything we know about the Internet, was almost unanimous.

No-Owl770: I think you're ok here. He broke your club, you and the group came to an agreement and he agreed otherwise you wouldn't have received the money. I think the guy is being a bit petty by texting you over $30. I block his number.

PensionOpposite6918: Block party.

HailSaban69: Michael Block him.

Hayzooos1: Agreed, the 'extra' $30 can cover your "this is a massive pain in the ass to deal with" tax.

Feelin_cheesy: I’d be more more willing to say that $30 is for the time it took you to find and order the new driver.

Thunder66: And regripping. And the hassle. The only way I'd cut him a break is if he was a kid, and then only if he wasn't also a dick.

Grey_duck-: $30 more for wasting my time with these f—king text messages.

Anyway, you get the idea. You get your driver beheaded some rando on one of the last holes of the day, they ask you to put a price on it right there on the spot and you guess it within $30. This ain’t Antique Road Show. That’s close enough. We understand money doesn’t grow on trees, especially around the holidays, but the grown man haggling with a stranger over $30 to fix a mistake they made is the only asshole here.