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The Red Sox capped a very bad week of baseball with one of the most embarrassing errors you will ever see

It’s a tough time to be a Boston Red Sox fan. The AL Wild Card hopefuls seemingly forgot how to play baseball in the build up to All-Star break, losing consecutive games to the Yankees by the scores of 14-1 and 13-2. When they reconvened on Friday after a couple days to clear their heads, it looked like they wiped them completely blank, however, getting beaten into oblivion by the Blue Jays 28-5. In fact, the Red Sox have been so bad over the past 10 days, they have set the record for the worst run differential over a five game span in MLB history three separate times.

Things didn’t get any better on Sunday either, when the Red Sox picked themselves up, dusted themselves off, proceeded to commit one of the most brain dead infield errors you will ever see. Cue the yakety sax.

The game was at Fenway, where the Red Sox play 81 games a year. They should know every wrinkle of that park like the back of their hands, but Sawamura ran right past the bag like it was on the surface of the moon, cashing the Blue Jays’ eighth run of the game. It cued the boo birds in Boston and will likely go down as one of the most embarrassing errors of the year in professional baseball. But hey, look on the brightside, Sox fans:

At least the Jays didn’t score 20 more.