124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2


Course’s architect daggers player with savage gift after four-putt

August 09, 2023
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If you’re gonna four-putt, at least get something out of it. That’s exactly what happened to this competitor at Red Rocks Country Club after a tough time on the par-4 17th. Unfortunately (or mercifully), the course’s architect, Kevin Atkinson, witnessed the four-putt and decided that he would provide the player with an incredible cold-blooded memento.

The r/golf post reads, “The course’s architect witnessed me 4 putt, so he brought me the drawing of the hole with a reminder of it after the round.” The artwork also features a pitch-perfect note from that very architect that states, “To Cam: So happy you played at Red Rocks this year. Nice putting on 17 🙂”

Atkinson completed renovation at Red Rocks in Colorado back in October 2022, which centered on fixing up tees, bunkers and greens. The course describes No. 17 as the highest point on the course, the par 4 seventeenth hole opens to view of Downtown Denver and famous Red Rocks Amphitheater. The fairway slopes from left to right, leaving a pitch onto a 50 yard long green.

The original poster went on to say that he’s already ordered a frame for the drawing and that he’ll be hanging it in his office by the end of the week. These are apparently notes that the architect gave to the contractors, so it’s certainly a collector’s item. Love to have some golf art that also commemorates a low moment on the course.

Cam went on to finish T-35 and noted that he was confused by the greens … obviously. He did give some pointers in case anyone out there is making the trip to Red Rocks soon: “Aim to the center of the greens, don’t leave it short on approach. Spend more time warming up in the short game area and putting green than anything.”