124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2

Straight 2 Jail

How long should the jail sentence be for this clown who sledgehammered his putter into a green three times?

While being young and stupid is no excuse for causing thousands of dollars worth of damage, you could at least try to understand where those clowns on dirt bikes from Delaware were coming from earlier this week. They likely don't play golf and hate the sport and everything it stands for, so they decided to rip up a green having no idea just how much trouble they were causing.

On the flip side, when you see someone who actually plays golf ripping up a green, you are left completely dumbfounded. Take, for example, this absolute moron who missed a putt and decided he was so angry that he had to sledgehammer his putter into the turf three times, practically digging a hole halfway to China. Yes, this really happened and, yes, someone actually posted it to the internet:

The proper punishment is life in prison without the possibility of parole. Since that's probably too harsh and definitely maybe a little hyperbolic, he should be behind bars until that green comes fully back to life, which could be well over a year. Fair? Fair. 

Since neither of those things will happen, what should happen is golf courses should plaster a picture of this kid's face on the wall and never allow him to step foot on a course again. Unforgivable. And how about the genius who filmed it and shared it with the world? Today's youth simply lives to get caught as easily as possible.