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Rajon Rondo’s son sipping champagne (or cider?) on the court after the NBA Finals just made this whole season worth it

October 12, 2020

Many, many times over the course of the past three months, I couldn’t help but wonder if finishing the NBA season was REALLY worth all the fuss. Same with the NHL, same with the MLB, but there was something about the NBA that felt especially futile. Maybe it was the eight random games of regular season play so the local TV money would kick in. Maybe it was no Ja or Zion. Maybe it was the boycott that wasn’t. Maybe it was the inevitable asterisk or the tanking ratings, which eventually bottomed with one of the least-watched NBA Finals ever. My esteemed colleague Shane Ryan even wrote about this phenomena, chalking it up largely to the psycho-emotional struggles of 2020, but maybe the problem was actually just basketball.

All of that changed on Monday morning, however, when, after spending Sunday night watching Netflix instead of LeBron clinching his fourth NBA title, I logged on to find the already iconic images of Rajon Rondo’s VERY not-21-year-old son popping bottles on the court in celebration of dad’s hard-won victory staring back at me. Suddenly, the entire NBA season was worth it.

Something tells us that’s not Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider. Call it a hunch. If you’re going to get your New York knickerbockers all bunched up over this, though, please go ahead and show yourself out. French babies are born with a bottle of Bordeaux in hand, or at least so I’m told. Just let the kid sneak a couple sips and nap it off like we all did at Thanksgiving circa 2002-2011. Plus, let’s just be honest about about this:

He can’t be a bigger lightweight than Kyle Kuzma . . .