Rajon Rondo remains the greatest free-throw troller on the planet

Throughout his career, Rajon Rondo has always had the reputation that he'll do whatever it takes to win, and we're talking literally anything. Some of what he does can be perceived as punk-ish, and some of it could be called "fiery." Whichever you believe, there is no denying you'd love to have him on your team, at least for like year or two before he wears out his welcome.

Some of his best antics come when he or the other team is at the free throw line. The L.A. Lakers point guard will try every trick in the book to get in the shooter's head, and his favorite move is attempting to sneak in a high five on them like he's their teammate. There are YouTube compilation videos of Rondo doing exactly this:

That video also omits Rondo's greatest move of all, wiping the sweat from his forehead on the ball before Draymond Green got it back for his second free throw in last year's playoffs:

All harmless, gross fun. Just Rondo being a little rascal, am I right? Well, Thursday night he pulled his most questionable free throw tactic of all, and one that earned him a technical foul. Watch Rondo in the top right corner of the screen as Minnesota's Taj Gibson takes his foul shot:

Honestly surprised Rondo didn't just throw the towel directly at Gibson. What a wild move. But it's not even the best part of the video. Check out the time and score. The Lakers are down 13 with just over two minutes to play and Rondo is still pulling this bullshit like the game is on the line. No one can ever say he doesn't care about winning, that or he just flat out hates everyone. Little bit of both, most likely.