Relatable Rafa

Rafael Nadal’s reaction to a drunk woman flipping him off at the Australian Open is why he’s actually the GOAT

February 11, 2021

Andy Cheung

The Australian Open is underway. Did you know that? Chances are you didn’t, but one of the cool things about it is that Australia got their shit together months ago, stamped out the coronavirus through aggressive nationwide policy, and can now have fans in the stands at their most visible international sporting spectacle. Pretty great! Well, unless you’re Rafael Nadal, who had a somewhat bumpy reentry to spectator tennis on Thursday when a fan drunker than Tom Brady at the Super Bowl parade began repeatedly flipping him off during his second round match with American Michael Mmoh. Rafa, being the GOAT that he is [ducks], was unperturbed, however, nervously laughing off the exchange in what is probably his most relatable moment as a human being yet.

There has long been suspicion that Rafa, with his prodigious grip on clay and infamously insular lifestyle, is some sort of lizard person, but his bemused discomfort at becoming the target of an impossibly drunk rando is as human as it gets. We’ve all been there, minding our own business, when someone on their fifth White Russian decides they don’t like our stupid, stoooopid face. You just gotta laugh it off and go with it, as Rafa did, but it sure makes you wonder just what you did to piss them off and if your face really is that stupid.

After the match, Rafa was inevitably asked about the interaction, to which he laughed, shook his head, and stared past the microphone, deep into the space of thought. “There is people for everything around the world,” he said, shrugging.

Man, ain’t it the truth.