Peak Performance

If you show up to the Senior Bowl looking like this, you better damn well go number-one overall

January 27, 2021

There’s no NFL Combine this year. Pro Days are going to be limited. Thanks to COVID-19 and its attendant restrictions, front offices are staring down the barrel of one of the most uncertain prospect evaluation periods in modern NFL history. Thankfully Wisconsin Whitewater hog molly Quinn Meinerz is making things easy on the scouts, showing up to the Senior Bowl this week in peak athletic condition. Move over, Trevor Lawrence. There’s a new sheriff in town.

It takes some serious confidence to show up to a job interview rocking the Zeke Elliott crop top when you’re 6’ 3”, 320, and haven’t seen direct sunlight since your family vacation to Bermuda in 7th grade. That didn't deter Meinerz, however. The DIII prospect could be seen walking the walk (or should we say wiggling the jiggle) in early scrimmages this week, paving some fresh interstate for his running backs againt guys who played two divsions higher than him in college. Keep your eye on 71, as if you can miss him.

Clearly someone is getting a SPECIMEN come the 2021 NFL Draft, but I think we speak for all football fans when we say that no matter where Meinerz ends up, he will be a welcome addition to the halls of the Content Kings.