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This poster for Maine’s 2020 football schedule should be hung in The Louvre

By simply clicking on this article, you’re in search of a welcome distraction right now. I’d argue there is no better distraction than an absolutely breathtaking poster of a FCS team’s 2020 schedule.

That’s the only way to describe this picture of Maine offensive lineman Liam Dobson: breathtaking. This thing should be hung in The Louvre:

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, The Louvre is temporarily closed. When it reopens, this poster should be the first thing that enters the door. If you noticed the actual tweet though, it’s not Maine’s main schedule poster. It was the “runner-up.” Devastating. Here’s what Dobson’s bare-belly dive lost to:

Pretty badass, we can’t lie. But still not badass enough to win over a 340-pound hog molly wearing No. 69 gracefully diving into the end zone like DeShaun Foster in Super Bowl XXXVIII.


Brian Bahr

All-time great photo, tainted by a Patriots Super Bowl victory. Similarly, Dobson’s dive is an all-time great photo tainted by finishing runner-up in a schedule poster competition. These are the tough comparisons I’m brave enough to make.