Quarantine workout king James Harrison is back and this time he's cracking eggs with his biceps

Nobody works out quite like James Harrison. Sure, there are guys who lift more, spend more hours in the gym, and consume far more daunting cheat meals, but we repeat: Nobody works out quite like James Harrison. For years, the former Steeler (and Patriot, lollll), has furthered his legend with barbaric offseason workouts like this . . .

But with the nationwide self-isolation in full effect due to the coronavirus, #99 is taking things up a notch. It started off family style, with the #pushuponpushups challenge . . .

. . . and continued with the not-so-humblebrag of the century.

On Monday, however, Harrison checked in with his craziest and most clearly cabin-fever-afflicted show of strength yet, taking an egg, placing it between his bicep and forearm, and, well, you can probably guess the rest. Ladies and gentleman, this is what boredom looks like when you're a very, very strong person.

Perhaps most impressive is the fact that Harrison claims he doesn't think it can be done, before going ahead and doing it anyway. Moral of the story? Always believe in yourself, and if you don't, that's OK. Sometimes it still works out despite your crippling bouts of self-doubt.

Now if you'll excuse us, breakfast for dinner is calling.