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Proposing to your girlfriend on the Paul Finebaum Show might be the most SEC thing ever

September 05, 2019
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There's only one thing on God's beautiful green gridiron more powerful than love: SEC football. We've seen an LSU and 'Bama couple troll each other at their own wedding and witnessed an eligible Volunteers' bachelor put football before foreplay, but everything pales in comparison to proposing to your girlfriend of four years—the so-called "love of your life," your "rock"—in the middle of a call in to the Paul Finebaum Show. That, starry-eyed dreamers and hopeless romantics, is the most SEC thing that has ever SEC'd.

The voice you hear there is Beau from Memphis. Beau from Memphis is a fan of his beloved Razorbacks first and his precious Mikki a close second, and we assume Mikki feels the same way...about her darling Razorbacks, of course. According to Beau, they've had great times (the Darren McFadden era) and not-so-great times (neckbrace Bobby Petrino), but he couldn't imagine spending a day without her, least of all a Saturday afternoon getting beat up by Ole Miss. We all need someone to help us carry the weight from time to time, after all.

"Mikki, I love you so much. You’re the love of my life," Beau shouted from the Ozark mountaintop that is the Paul Finebaum Show on Wednesday. "I couldn’t imagine spending a day without you. You are my rock and I will get your answer later but, in front of the whole nation, will you marry me, sweetheart? I love you very, very much.”

Finebaum, a man who exudes romance out of every pore, was clearly taken aback by the declaration of love on his proud SEC football radio show, but managed to squeeze out a few thoughtful questions such as "you have just proposed to her live on this program, am I correct?" before heading home to feed his cat and ugly cry into a pillow. What Finebaum fails to realize as he suffers another show of human emotion through gritted teeth, however, is that love and football are not at war—they are one and the same, a holy union just as strong as Beau and Mikki's.