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Protip: If you're a high-school soccer coach, don't take your team to Hooters following a tough loss

December 16, 2019
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Ethan Miller

Listen, we know it's going to be tough. You were days away from an undefeated season and only to get taken out in Championship Sectionals by a local rival. You're gonna blame yourself. You didn't prepare the kids mentally for winning because you're not a winner yourself. You're gonna blame the kids. Damn kids. But one way or another, you know these emotional wounds are just going to heal themselves. What can you possibly do? Where can you possibly go?

Well, to Hooters, of course.

Just ask Lake George Jr./Sr. High School soccer coach Blake White, who is on the hot seat after he took his players to the Colonie, New York Hooters to drown their sorrows with wings and waitresses following a particularly brutal late-season defeat to Voorhesville on November 2nd. When school administrators got wind of White's dinner (he would have gotten away with if it weren't for that meddling expense report!), the whole team was summoned for a mandatory meeting where they were informed that blaze orange hot shorts were “not in line" with Lake George's "athletic program and school community values.”

Superintendant Lynne Rutnik told the Times Union, "As a female superintendent I took this very seriously and addressed it immediately with the students and the individual.”

School Board President Tricia Connor Biles did not confirm White's employment or coaching status following his extra saucy wing adventure, but said, “We at the board level are aware of what occurred . . . Corrective action is being taken.”

Pray for Mr. White, folks. He's going to need it.

No matter how you feel about White's innocence or lack thereof, however, as a teacher in the district for 30 years, you have to know better than bring a bunch of kids to Hooters without a permission slip. This is upstate New York, not the Vegas strip. You don't get away with this stuff, tough loss or no. Next time, Mr. White, take a different page out of Michael Scott's playbook and go with Chili's instead.