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Poor Jason Terry is trending on Twitter because LeBron James posterized him 7 years ago

March 18, 2020

Former NBA Sixth Man of the Year Jason Terry was trending on Twitter on Wednesday morning, but before you start thinking the worst, know that he's safe and sound from the Coronavirus. However, that has not kept him immune from having the low moment of his otherwise superb 19-year NBA career trotted out again (and again) for all to see on its anniversary.

Seven years ago, LeBron James nearly ended Terry's career early with a vicious alley-oop dunk at the Boston Garden. In case you don't remember the play, here it is in its full glory, followed by Terry talking about a posterization people won't stop talking about:

"The worst thing about this is every time I'm in arenas or at the grocery store, little kids coming up to me, 'Hey, hey, aren't you Jason Terry?' 'Yeah, yeah, that's me,'" Terry said. "'Then 'Why did LeBron dunk on you like that?'" Poor guy.

And if this seven-year observance of the dunk is any indication, fans aren't going to forget about it anytime soon.

Wherever Jason is hunkering down right now, he might want to turn off his Wi-Fi.