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Deron Williams breaking quarantine to pull Dirk Nowitzki's van out of the mud is the best (and only?) sports story of the weekend

How was the first weekend of your newly sports-less world? Cruel, dark, depressing, or, worst of all, boring? Well, take some degree of heart, because thanks to Dirk Nowitzki, it wasn't all curling highlights and five-year-old Pitino takes, with the former Mavs legend getting his minivan so hopelessly stuck that he had to call Deron Williams to come tow him out. And before you ask, no this doesn't exactly count as "social distancing," but neither did those bottomless mimosas on Sunday, did they?

Global pandemic or no global pandemic, if you own a pickup truck, you are duty bound to help friends whenever they are stuck. This is the social contract you sign when get behind the wheel of a gas-guzzling Mopar monster, and it is binding. Thankfully for Dirk, Deron honored this gentleman's agreement, showing up to pull Dirk's rockin' van out of a snotty little patch of Texas cement.

You might want to savor this one, basketball fans. According to Woj on Monday morning, the NBA is now targeting a mid-June return, which puts the 2019-20 season roughly three months behind schedule. There's no word yet on whether or not the season will be truncated or finish at all, but no matter which way it pans out, it's going to be a longgggg time before see these guys doing anything other than getting stuck in the mud. Just ask CJ McCollum if you don't believe us.