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This ponytailed first-tee announcer alone is worth the price of admission at Korn Ferry Tour event

April 18, 2024

One of the simplest changes to make pro golf more exciting might be to have an entertaining first-tee starter. I still vividly remember the Madison Square Garden PA announcer doing starting lineups for Knicks games as a kid. "At guard, at 6-6 from Tennessee, ALLAAAAAAN HOUUUUUUUUUSTON!" Those were great days. Glad to see the Garden is rocking again.

Anyway, in golf it gets a bit trickier because there are so many names and most of our first-tee announcer posts involve them butchering said names or where golfers are from. But at this week's Korn Ferry Tour event, there's one announcer who alone is worth the price of admission.

Check out these clips from Wednesday's LECOM Suncoast Classic pro-am as this ponytailed man (wild look, but he pulls it off) introduces a few golfers on the first tee. It's not only how he says their names, but also the little jabs he gets in, like Jeffrey Kang being a guy who likes to hear his name. No clue if that's true or not, but it's hysterical as he then says his name over and over again:

But "Cole Hammertime HAMMER!" is the best. "I wouldn't mind if I was introduced like that ever time," Hammer says. Of course you wouldn't, Cole! That's our point! Hopefully, this guy stuck around for the rest of the week.

Anyway, well played Mr. Ponytail. Well played. And if you're a golf tournament looking to spice things up, this is your man.