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Masters breakout star Neal Shipley gets (wet) hero's welcome upon return to Ohio State

April 17, 2024

Ben Jared

Standing 6-foot-3 and weighing more than 200 pounds, Neal Shipley was already, literally, a big man on Ohio State's big campus. But after returning to Columbus from the 2024 Masters as the tournament's low amateur, the term works figuratively as well.

And, not surprisingly, the grad student got a hero's welcome from his Buckeye boys. A wet one at that.

Have a look as Shipley is sprayed with a variety of beverages in celebration of his accomplishments at Augusta National that included being the first low am from Ohio State since Jack Nicklaus and, yes, becoming an internet sensation thanks to a pair of viral videos.

Great stuff. Shipley told Pat McAfee on Tuesday that his boys "were really giving it to me" after becoming a meme, but obviously it was all out of love.

We're not sure what Shipley's academic schedule looks like the rest of the year, but we're guessing everyone carved out some dorm time to properly celebrate. On behalf of all of us whose college days are long gone, live, dammit! Live!