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Neal Shipley explains those weird Masters videos, admits to looking like a 'dumbass' in hilarious Pat McAfee appearance

April 16, 2024

Neal Shipley will officially go down as the low amateur at the Masters, but unofficially, he was also the high golfer in terms of viral moments from Sunday at Augusta National. And during Tuesday's Pat McAfee Show, the Ohio State grad student explained what was going on during two moments that have turned him into an internet meme.

Let's back up to his press conference that ended with this awkward exhange regarding Tiger Woods, with whom Shipley played on Sunday. A reporter asked Shipley about a note he saw Woods pass Shipley on the eighth hole and here was Shipley's response:

Leading to this creative piece of editing:

Then there was Shipley's appearance in Butler Cabin with winner Scottie Scheffler, defending champ Jon Rahm, CBS' Jim Nantz, and Augusta National chairman Fred Ridley that had people wondering what the young man was looking at off camera:

So what was up with "notegate"? During his hilarious spot with McAfee, Shipley reiterated there was no note from Woods, and that he was only looking at the moderator because he was so confused where the question was coming from:

"I looked over at the moderator like 'Who the hell is this guy?'" Shipley says in the clip. "Because it just didn't happen. I was so confused and so shocked in the moment."

So there you have it. Shipley also admitted "My boys were really giving it to me," Shipley said. "Which I appreciate. Gotta keep my feet on the ground."

OK, so why were his eyes darting around Butler Cabin? Shipley said he was so nervous about saying something stupid, particularly cursing. And that caused him to look at the teleprompter to make sure he wasn't missing his cue to speak during the traditional ceremony.

Makes sense. That was quite a spot for the young man to be in. But again, he heard about it ("I was getting roasted in the group chat") and he understands why ("I looked like a dumbass"). Shipley even mocked himself by looking off to the side at one point during the interview.

And you know what? Now he's an even bigger legend than before. Well played, Neal.