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Nothing could be more authentic than the Philadelphia Eagles sound guy pumping fake boos into The Linc on Sunday

September 21, 2020

Rob Carr

Before the NFL season began, there were very real questions about what football would be like without fans. Sure, we had seen the fake crowd noise thing done to mixed effect in the MLB, NBA, and Bundesliga (where it's somehow 9000% more dynamic, and lifelike than any other sports league on earth), but we weren’t really sure what capital-F Football would capital-F Feel like without 50,000 drunk jackasses hurling obscenities at random strangers from 70 rows back.

So far the answer has been meh. Throw on RedZone and zone out and you won’t really notice the difference, but dig into every snap of your team on their home field (unless, of course, your team is the Chargers) and you’re going to be left wanting. On Sunday, however, one heroic Eagles sound guy decided to crank the authenticity to 11, raining pre-recorded boos down upon Carson Wentz and the Dodo Birds offense after yet another failed third down conversion. What’s next, hologram fans throwing batteries at VR Santa?

The boo birds were back out again in the the third quarter as well, when Wentz blew an Eagles rally out of the sky with an end zone int, one of his two on the day. The Rams would go on to win 37-19, dropping the Eagles to 0-2 on the season, but even while getting booed out of a stadium with no fans, the Eagles still didn’t have the worst Sunday of the NFL’s fowl franchises. That honor belongs instead to the Atlanta Falcons, may God rest their souls.