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Phil Mickelson confirms existence of hilarious text he once received from DJ regarding the Masters Champions dinner

Earning your way into the Masters Champions Dinner, we'd imagine, is the greatest bragging chip you can have as a professional golfer. It's no surprise that Phil Mickelson, one of the great braggers in the sport, uses that chip over, and over, and over, and over again.

As the story goes, on Tuesday of Masters week every year, Mickelson likes to ask some of his fellow competitors who have yet to win a green jacket if they have any dinner plans that night. Some have fallen for it more than others, Dustin Johnson being a prime example of someone who has (on more than one occasion, apparently). "Ummm, yeah, ummm, I was just going to grab some ... HEY WAIT A MINUTE" is how we'd imagine that conversation playing out. 

Of course, this potentially tall tale comes from an Instagram meme account, so it should be taken with a grain of salt. Fair? Fair. 

HOWEVA, when Mickelson chimes in to confirm it himself, then it becomes real:

Incredible. I'd like to think DJ was coming down the back nine in the fall of 2020 with his massive lead and thinking "I can't wait to text Phil." A very real possibility knowing how Johnson operates. Knowing how Mickelson operates, it's also a very real possibility he believes he helped motivate Johnson en route to his second major title. 

Now, we need to know more. Who else does he do this to? Do guys still fall for it? Does anyone take a swing at him on the ANGC range (unlikely)? Or, as one Twitter user asked, has he ever tried this on Rory McIlroy, who has taken multiple shots at Mickelson since the LIV-PGA Tour saga began? 

Yeah... probably for the best.