Candid Camera

The worst photos of great golfers on Wikipedia

January 28, 2022

Wikipedia is a great place to learn about golf. In fact, one of our writers recently went above and beyond to save this essential chart of men’s major winners from extinction. But as we all learned in high school, Wikipedia doesn’t exactly hold water in a bibliography, and judging by the very bad photos of very good golfers still gracing its pages, we finally understand why. So without further ado, allow us to bless your eyeballs with the worst photos of the greatest golfers on Wikipedia. Viewer discretion most definitely advised.

Lee “Dude, Where’s My Car?” Trevino


Nick “Poulter” Faldo


Lexi “Convertible Hair” Thompson


Tommy “In Witness Protection” Fleetwood


John “Robocop” Daly


James M Phelps Jr

Dylan “Two Eyes” Frittelli


Bubba “Blubba” Watson


Seve “The Unforgettable Icon” Ballesteros




Davis “Double Mint” Love III