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PGA Tour pro's girlfriend roasts him for hitting it into water hazard, makes a solid point

December 08, 2023

Michael Kim recently offered to give free golf lessons to his Twitter followers, but got a lesson of his own in course management from an unlikely source on Friday: his girlfriend.

The PGA Tour winner was playing PGA National with his girlfriend, who he says is "pretty new to golf," when he pulled a tee shot left and into the penalty area on the par-4 11th hole. Now, as golf fans all know, there's a lot of water at the longtime Honda Classic venue, but even a golf newbie was puzzled by where his ball ended up with so much room to the right. And Kim wasn't done getting roasted.

Turns out, his caddie took the girlfriend's side on this one. Ouch. Here's the funny tweet from Michael, who provided a perfect diagram of the situation—as he's been known to do on Twitter—as well:

LOL "ME." Tough scene. But she has a point. Look at all that green!

And on the bright side, Michael, she sounds like a keeper. Hopefully, she provided you with sound advice for navigating the vaunted "Bear Trap" while you were there as well.