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Our favorite women's golf apparel and accessory brands at the 2023 PGA Show

Women’s golf apparel is an expanding part of the golf industry that has helped avid golfers find new ways to express themselves on the course while making the game feel more approachable for newcomers who may be intimidated by dress codes and antiquated perceptions of on-course attire. Over the last few years, as female golfers increase in number, so has the focus on women’s golf apparel. Existing golf brands have hired more female designers to create thoughtful women’s pieces, and dozens of new female-focused clothing companies have launched to meet the growing demand for stylish and versatile women’s golf attire.
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This evolution was on full display at the 2023 PGA Merchandise Show where female-oriented brands once sat in a small corner among the show floor that contains anywhere from 800 to 1,000 exhibitors each year. This year, approximately 15 percent of exhibitors had women’s products as a part of the collection, a number that has nearly doubled in both quantity and quality over the last few years. Our editors scoured the show floor to find the best women’s golf products from both new and existing golf brands. Here are six to keep an eye on this year.

Jayebird Golf

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Jayebird founder, Katie Byrnes, is a lifelong golfer who constantly struggled to find golf clothes to fit her style, performance need and golf course dress codes. She launched Jayebird to meet those needs with an extra focus on functionality, comfort and use of durable-yet-sustainable materials. Each collection is inspired by fashion, then optimized for female golfers. The plackets, for example, are intentionally longer to help with layering and avoid any makeup marks staining collars. More information at

Mark & Lona

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Mark & Lona is a brand out of Tokyo that has also been popular with fashion-forward golfers in Korea. The women’s collection is full of bold, head-turning graphics and prints head-to-toe. Expect statement pieces, non-traditional collars, asymmetrical zippers and unexpectedly stylish color combinations. It’s a great brand to check out if you are looking to incorporate a few confidence-boosting pieces into your golf wardrobe that no one else has but are still great for golf. More information at


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Bellemere is a woman-owned and cruelty-free brand breaking into the golf and tennis world with chic and luxurious knitwear. Specializing in cashmere, and merino wool garments, Bellemere promises 100 percent sustainably sourced materials, high-quality construction and a luxe feel to every piece. The brand’s Tencel Tweed Polo Vest was on display at the show and was what initially caught the eye of one of our editors. “The super soft material and cute pastel design is something I could see myself wearing on the golf course or out and about, which is not something I can normally say about other golf apparel brands,” our editor said. More information at

Smith & Quinn

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This family-owned company has made a name for itself in the golf and resort wear space because of their unique, customizable prints. Formerly known as Kaeli Smith, the brand relaunched as Smith & Quinn with stylish designs for both lifestyle and sport. The sport collection has a range of statement-making prints and simple solids that can be worn interchangeably to expand any golf wardrobe. More information at

On the Go

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These washable and vegan leather bags from On The Go are great to have on the course and in your locker. Throw your valuables, sunscreen and other miscellaneous must-haves into one of these cute and customizable pouches to keep all of your important items in one place. More information at

Marie Birdie

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One of the best ways to expand the women’s game is to make sure young girls are finding the game and sticking with it. Marie Birdie is a new golf brand that is focused on tween and teen golfers, providing girls with stylish apparel options and empowering them to enjoy the benefits of playing golf. The 1970’s-inspired pieces will impress female golfers of any age for their fashion-forward designs, breathable materials and reasonable price-points. More information at