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PGA Championship 2023: Tom Kim's outfit selection on Friday at Oak Hill shows this young lad still has much to learn

Late in Thursday's first round of the PGA Championship at Oak Hill, Tom Kim's legend grew when he dove into the mud, literally. Kim's sixth-hole adventure got so messy that he had to take a dip in a creek to wash off before removing his golf shirt and throwing on a dry Nike pullover he wore for the rest of the round.

Kim's move ended up being a prudent one, the 20-year-old saving a bogey and then parring in to post a three-over 74 to keep himself in the tournament. Gutsy stuff. Heady stuff, even. 

What was not so heady was an outfit decision Kim made for Friday's second round in Rochester. One would think, after being caked with mud and being soaking wet on Thursday, that Kim would be as safe as possible with his wardrobe in Round 2. All black? All navy? Something dark, maybe some rain pants and a pullover. Can never be too careful, right? Kim went in the complete opposite direction, actually:

Oh nooo Tommy, what is you doing baby? This was the one scripting you needed to avoid trotting out on Friday, the all-white Nike getup. One little slip-up at breakfast or a piece of dirt flying out of a divot during warmup is all it takes to ruin that look in one second. Kid's bold, we'll say that. At least the KT tape isn't white. That would really be pushing it.