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PGA Championship 2022: Scottie Scheffler gets 'up and down' from 308 yards out, remains on fire

By his current standards, Scottie Scheffler got off to a slow start on Thursday at the PGA Championship, which is to say he made four straight pars to begin his opening round. The "What's wrong with Scottie Scheffler?" columns were already five paragraphs deep (we kid, we kid).

The World No. 1 rectified that rather quickly, though. At the mammoth par-5 fifth at Southern Hills, which stretches to 665 yards, making it a three-shotter for a decent portion of the field, Scheffler nuked a drive that still left him with 308 yards to the flag. No matter. He pulled 3-wood and made his patented swing-out-of-his-shoes move at the ball. And, as we know, when Scheffler swings out of his shoes it usually results in something beautiful. When we do it, the ball goes out-of-bounds:

We'd say this is downhill and downwind, but it appears only one of those things is true. Take a closer look and you'll notice the flag at the top of the flagstick seems to be blowing in, meaning Scheffler knocked it on in two from 308 into the wind. The guy is not of this earth right now. 

Naturally, Scheffler made the putt for eagle, also known as a 308-yard "up and down." Truly wild stuff. So far on Thursday, that is the only eagle made at the par-5 fifth, and we'd venture to guess it might stay that way at least for the first round. Rory McIlroy, who would probably be the leading candidate to make eagle there, has already completed his first round. He made birdie at the fifth. Weak sauce.