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PGA Championship 2018: This Jordan Spieth-Rory McIlroy chat ahead of the final round is oddly fascinating

August 12, 2018

Oh, if the ropes around the practice green at the 100th PGA Championship could talk. On Sunday morning at Bellerive, Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy had a deep, emotional, heart-to-heart conversation ahead of their final rounds. Or, at least, we'd like to think.

Check out this video shared by the PGA of the two (somewhat struggling) superstars engaged in a lengthy chat while they warmed up. This isn't quite the Sunday either was hoping for with Spieth (four under through three rounds) failing to complete the career Grand Slam for a second consecutive year and McIlroy (two under) stretching his winless drought in majors to four years. In any event, here's what their interaction looked like:

Due to the location of the convo, one might surmise McIlroy initiated it with the hopes of gleaning some putting advice from Spieth. Then again, Spieth has also had his share of putting problems this year, and it appears they were talking about their swings instead. Perhaps, McIlroy was looking for some wedge help? Or maybe Spieth was searching for more pop off the tee or tips on punching out after Saturday's disaster?

It doesn't appear they were discussing the meaning of life and whether time is indeed a flat circle, but who knows? Then again, they could have just been breaking down Phil Mickelson's dance moves. Spieth is holding an alignment aid the entire time and they both seem to come to some sort of agreement by the end of the oddly fascinating 37-second clip.

Regardless of what was spoken between these two young men with a combined seven major titles, their interaction is bound to draw reactions from two different camps. On one side, there's the "This is so cool!" reaction. On the other, there's the "Why are these competitors helping each other! In a RYDER CUP YEAR, no less! These young whippersnappers are way too friendly these days!"

Put us in the former category. We just wish we could have heard what they had to say.