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PGA Championship 2017: Super serious Sergio Garcia doesn't want to talk about Kenny G or his wedding

August 09, 2017

Scott Halleran

Sergio Garcia is playing in his 19th PGA Championship this week, but it's his first as a major champ. And his first major as a married man. So not surprisingly, the first question to Sergio at his pre-tournament press conference on Wednesday was about his recent wedding. Although, asking about Kenny G, who performed at the reception, was pretty specific.

In any event, Sergio G wasn't in the mood to talk about Kenny G or provide any details about tying the knot in Texas with Angela Akins. Here was how the exchange went down.

Q. Obviously you could have chosen any entertainment for your wedding reception. What was it that made you land on Kenny G? And other than actually getting married, what are some other things that stood out to you from the wedding day that were highlights that you'll never forget?

SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, we're here at a golf tournament. We're not going to start talking about the wedding and everything that went on it.

It was a great day. We really, really enjoyed it. Angela and the wedding planner did an amazing job, and we all really, really enjoyed it. We had a lot of good friends there and family, and it was a wonderful day and, you know, we'll cherish it for the rest of our lives.

But we're here to play golf.

O. . . K then. It looks like we're getting Serious Sergio in Charlotte this week.

And it sounds like Angela gets credit for booking Kenny G. Well done, Angela. We will be sure to direct any future Kenny G-wedding questions your way.