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Pete Davidson shoves the crap out of old dude at Knicks game and he honestly may have been in the right

Speaking as a truly unbiased observer, I do not find Pete Davidson all that funny. I fully understand that's not a unique take, as the man seems to have plenty-O-haterz while remaining insanely famous. Any publicity is good publicity, as they say.

Davidson brought a heaping pile of bad publicity on himself, seemingly, on Sunday afternoon at Madison Square Garden, where the New York Knickerbockers took a 3-1 series lead on the Cleveland Cavaliers with another dominant defensive effort. Davidson took in the game courtside as countless celebrities do, and the victory had him in a good enough mood to take a whole bunch of selfies with fans young and old as he made his way out of the arena.

One fan, however, took it a little too far, harassing the comedian to the point he had to be shoved away by Davidson himself. Naturally, it was all caught on video, which might be a good thing for Davidson because it sure seems like shoving this old fart was the nicest way of handling the guy:

Another angle of what they're now calling "Pete's Push" (no one is calling it that):

As someone who wasted $21 on "The King of Staten Island" on Amazon Prime during the pandemic because there was absolutely nothing else on and I just wanted to feel like I was at a movie theater again, I can't believe I'm 1 million percent on Davidson's side here. The first time the guy put his arm around him, OK, fine. It's cute and possibly a little funny even for Pete. Ha ha, random old guy. The second, third and fourth time, complete with whispering sweet nothings in Davidson's ear, crossed the line into harassment territory. If Davidson clocked this guy in the face I think he'd still be in the right. 

Not one to feel bad for or to defend celebrities, but in situations like these it's hard not to. The way people act nowadays around celebrities just feels animalistic and this is the latest example. Please, everyone, do not touch them unless they consent and if you do make sure you're prepared for whatever smoke comes with it.