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People are confusing Bill Bilcheck for Bill Belichick in a New England election

October 25, 2018

Bill Belichick is not running for a probate judge position in a pair of small Connecticut towns, but many people believe he is. And the confusion is (somewhat) understandable.

While Belichick, 66, has no plans to trade in his hoodie for a robe, a 60-year-old attorney named Bill Bilcheck (See the subtle difference?) hopes to win the upcoming election. And he's openly admitting that he's trying to use his similar-sounding name (Side note: I've never had to double-check the spelling in a post so much) to his advantage.

“We’re in New England Patriots territory,” he told For The Win, “and if you saw my sign — I’m no dummy — they look like New England Patriots colors.”

They sure do, Bill. Although, those are America's colors as well. . .

Anyway, Bilcheck also told For The Win he has to actually tell people he is not in fact the legendary New England coach. He claims the two might be related, though, as his dad came from a town outside of Pittsburgh near where Belichick's dad was born, and that his similar surname is spelled differently within his family.

So far, the connection hasn't paid off as Bilcheck lost in the election four years ago. But he seems to be working this angle a bit more this time around.

“I’ll get a vote any which way I can,” Bilcheck added.

Funny, because Belichick and the Patriots have always proven they'll get a win any which way they can. . . Am I right?