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So good, so good

PDC Darts crowd belts "Sweet Caroline" at first full-capacity event in over a year, produces more electricty than a million solar panels

Despite COVID-19 cases surging across the globe yet again, on Monday the United Kingdom made the monumental decision to lift all remaining coronavirus-related restrictions. The move was met with skepticism on both sides, with the pro-restriction crowd wondering if now (or ever) was the right time and the anti-restriction crowd protesting lockdown limitations that were already lifted. But no matter how you feel about the decision and countless others like it around the world, we can all agree on one thing:

PDC Darts returning to full, raucous capacity on for the 2021 World Matchplay on Monday night is one of the most electric sights you will ever see. Hit us with that sweet, sweet Caroline, you maniacs.

Just unreal. This makes Fenway Park in October sound like an open-mic night. Darts and music are almost as intertwined as darts and drinking. If you’re new to the nitrous oxide-fueled adrenaline rush that is PDC, we’ve covered the incredible walk-up music time and time again. This, however, just hits different. You can practically hear the joy, relief, and gallons of malty beer in these voices, and it is enough to give you goosebumps and power the entire electric grid of Blackpool at the same time.

After an extremely difficult year and a half compounded with England’s heartbreaking loss on penalties in the Euro finals just last weekend, let us say this once and for all:

Nature, and nation, healed.