Paula Creamer's $6.3 million mansion seems as good of a place as any to hunker down

March 16, 2020

The bad news for Paula Creamer? She picked a poor time to put her house on the market. The good news? She's got a pretty sick pad to hunker down during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

According to, the LPGA star's Windemere, Fla., mansion can be yours for $6.35 million. But before you get sticker shock, you might want to check out this place.

First, the details. The house is a cozy 11,100 square feet and features six bedrooms and seven bathrooms. So you can shower in a different place every day of the week while you're holed up and almost sleep in a different bedroom every night. You know, to mix it up.

But there's much more to like than that. Like a living room with two-story windows so you can still get plenty of sunlight during extended time indoors (All photos from


A private dock so you can enjoy some time outdoors as well:


A fitness center to stay physically healthy:


A wine cellar to stay mentally healthy:


A fun-looking game room:


And a home theater that includes a Tiger Woods mural!


Creamer's house is also located right off the 15th hole at Isleworth Golf Club, where Woods was a longtime resident and member. So even if you have reservations about playing golf during this time (here's what you should know about that, by the way), you can make sure the course is clear before heading out for a few holes.

Oh, and the kitchen has a built-in espresso maker and the home comes with a generator. Honestly, this place sounds perfect—especially during these crazy times. Paula, are you sure you want to sell? And if so, would you accept toilet paper instead of cash?