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Poking The Bear

Paul George tells Steph Curry he's 'from the logo with it,' Curry promptly rains three from the logo

October 22, 2021

NBA Twitter can be a cruel, cruel place. Just ask Paul George, a seven-time All Star and former All-NBA First Team member who NBA Twitter would have you believe belongs in the G-League. Of course, George often brings the hate upon himself, like when he calls himself "Playoff P" and then clanks a three off the side of the backboard in a big spot.

On Thursday night, opening night for George's L.A. Clippers, George once again could not get out of his own way. He played great, scoring 29 points on 12-of-23 shooting and grabbed 11 boards and dished six assists. Despite all that, though, he still found a way to make himself the butt of the joke. 

In a clip that is already closing in on half a million views, George can be heard telling Stephen Curry that he's "from the logo with it." Translation: George can hit threes from the logo. Moments later, Curry buried a three from just inside of the Golden State Warriors logo at mid-court. Whoops!

The good news - at least this three wasn't directly in George's eye, which social media would have truly had a field day with. But man, still tough to watch George already getting clowned one game into the NBA season. He decided to poke the bear though, and the bear dropped a 45-spot in a 115-113 Warriors win. 

Making it doubly painful was the fact George wound up burying a big one not long after, cutting Golden State's lead to one with five seconds remaining:

Alas, it was too little, too late. This man needs a game-winner in the worst way, sooner rather than later. It's the only way to at least begin the process of changing the narrative.