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Marleau's Mitts

Patrick Marleau has now played more NHL games than anyone ever and has the gloves to prove it

On Monday night, 41-year-old San Jose Sharks legend Patrick Marleau suited up for his 1,768th NHL game. Even in a vacuum, that’s impressive. In real life, it’s even better. With the appearance, Marleau officially passed Gordie Howe (ever heard of him?) for the most games played in NHL history. It was a massive milestone, and Marleau, never the flashiest forward, had a little something special cooked up to celebrate.

Not bad, not bad at all. The haters have, of course, already pointed out the fails (“games” should be singular not plural and it’s not the right Maple Leafs logo for his time there) but overall it's still killer work from the Sharks wardrobe department. In addition to the gloves, Marleau also got an intro video narrated by Metallica’s James Hetfield . . .

. . . a congratulations from the commish himself . . .

. . . and a personal handshake line from the Golden Knights.

All told, a pretty good night at the barn, even if McDavid did end up stealing his thunder. Damn kids these days.