Chris Jones says Patrick Mahomes left money “on the table” when agreeing to his $503 million contract

Two weeks ago, Patrick Mahomes signed on the dotted line of the richest contract in sports history—a total potential value of $503 million. That’s halfway to a billion and then a Lamborghini or two, for those of you keeping score at home. It’s a cartoon eye-popping figure conjuring images of Scrooge McDuck diving forever into pools of gold, but according to fellow newly re-signed Chief Chris Jones this week, it could have been even bigger . . .

When asked about his mindset heading into the negotiations and stated desire to not play on the franchise tag in 2020, Jones told reporters the following during a video press conference on Monday:

"I kind of had a feeling the deal was going to get done . . . as soon as his [Patrick Mahomes’] deal got done, Pat texted me and said 'Let's get this thing done. I left some on the table.'"

That Pat Mahomes, what a guy.

But while Mahomes' ongoing reputation as an all-time “team guy” is notable, it ultimately buries the lede: HE COULD HAVE GOTTEN EVEN MORE MONEY. That’s right, the biggest contract in sports history could have been even bigger. That’s how good people think this kid has the potential to be and we haven’t seen anything to suggest that they’re wrong.

We don’t want to drown in our own drool, however. Agreeing to $400-plus million in guaranteed money isn't exactly taking a page out of the Tom Brady pay-cut playbook. Scottie Pippen Pat Mahomes ain’t. But still, it goes a long way in illustrating Mahomes’ number one priority: Winning Super Bowls. And for that kind of money, Kansas City should expect nothing less.