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Patrick Mahomes gave the perfect response to how he's handling his Chiefs parade hangover

February 06, 2020

David Eulitt

The Kansas City Chiefs parade featured all the craziness you'd expect from a fanbase that had waited a half century to celebrate a title. There was a police chase when a rogue car tried to be a part of the action (thankfully, no one got hurt), a man with his pants down falling out of a tree (thankfully, no one got hurt), and even some poor soul running into a parking meter trying to catch a pass from Patrick Mahomes (Thankfully, well, actually, we're not sure if that guy is OK).

But after a long day of celebrating, we're pretty sure the players woke up a different kind of hurt on Thursday morning. But the Super Bowl MVP was quick to point out how his college experience helped him deal with this type of adversity.

Great point, Patrick. What the heck else are you going to do in Lubbock, Texas?

Also, that might be the best argument yet as to why athletes shouldn't be allowed to go straight from high school to the pros. These are the important life lessons they would miss out on! How else can you explain this nifty move from Mahomes?

The dude is prepared for whatever gets thrown his way. Literally. No wonder the Chiefs are favored to repeat next season.